My Testimonials

After losing our very much long for baby Grace Rose to a missed miscarriage, it was a struggle to find support and guidance on how to help me heal, grieve and move forward. It was important for me to find the right person who would understand how I felt and provide a safe space to be able to speak freely and honestly about our loss.

Immediately on meeting Jo online, she put me at ease. I trusted her approach and although I didn’t know how our sessions would pan out I knew Jo was the person to help me.

Working with Jo is a revelation, she instinctively guides you, listens with empathy and helps you to release whatever it is that needs to be released with a combination of techniques and energy work.

As a result of our sessions I have been able to process and work through the trauma and grief with Jo and feel more empowered in myself and to share our story to help support other women who have also experienced miscarriages. Thank you Jo x

Melanie, London

Jo has a big heart and a wonderful ear.
Possibly, the most important qualities for anybody who has gone through a miscarriage of any sort. I’ll admit I was not looking forward to my session with Jo. Why? I was terrified of the pop of the cork and gush of emotions which might occur…the unleashing of all those buried thoughts. But I already knew and trusted Jo so I felt safe. It was when I first read Jo’s story that feelings, emotions etc started to bubble. I squashed that stuff so far down inside that I had virtually forgotten how things had felt for me. It’s stuff that simply hadn’t been dealt with – it was a long time ago – over 7 years. The fact that it started to bubble recently is not surprising and I think being able to talk about what happened in a safe environment was so important. It helped me start to analyse and put some logic to what had occurred. Clearly there’s still work to be done but I am glad to have started to give this issue, the full recognition it deserved at the time and for always onward. Thank you Jo.

Julia, London

I have known Jo through my extended social circle for many years.  When I heard that she was offering a new type of therapy that may help me deal with my recurrent miscarriages, I jumped at the chance to try her services.  Although at first I felt a little nervy about opening up and discussing this subject, which has been a great source of sadness for me for many years, Jo’s calming and gentle manner made me feel at ease straight away. 

She talked me through the technique and the desired outcome so that I understood how the day would be structured. Each section was easy to work though and, whilst some parts were emotionally difficult for me, we worked through them and I felt better afterwards. At the end, we talked through the ongoing things that I need to do at home for my continued emotional wellbeing.

After the session, I felt ‘lighter’ and generally happier.  In the days that followed, I found myself laughing more and feeling calmer.

Overall I would highly recommend the EAM technique and Jo Tocher, in particular.  She is genuinely interested in her clients and I felt that throughout the session.

Carly's Testimonial

“Friends and family become uncomfortable
when you talk about it constantly”

“No-one gets what you’re going through”