How Can I Help You?

When I lost my first baby at 24 weeks it had a devastating effect on me, both at the time and for many years afterwards. So while the people around you may not always get how you feel about the devastating loss of your baby, I have a pretty good idea. Many women soldier on after their miscarriage, burying their feelings, but this can have a damaging impact on your life. And not feeling able to talk about it because others want you to ‘move on’ can make you feel isolated. But I am here to talk when you feel ready to. With my 20 years’ experience of working with people holistically I offer a variety of services, depending on your specific needs. Because however you feel right now, with the right help life after miscarriage can be good – even great.

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Sometimes you just need to be around like minded people.  People who get you what you’re going through. Often it’s not easy to talk about with your friends and family – here we understand – it’s a safe space where you can be vulnerable say things you wouldn’t want to say to your friends, partner or family.   Lets face it – if they haven’t been through the same experience as you have, they don’t really know how to support you. I share relevant information to miscarriage and pregnancy loss and am on hand to offer advice should you need it.

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Life After Miscarriage

How your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are affecting your life – are you suffering with total overwhelm, depression, anxiety or even jealousy of other women who are pregnant? Together we will clear these so you can move on and get to a place of happiness without spending years with a therapist. Most of what is holding us back is our thinking. I will show you how you can move forward to find peace and happiness again.

We will explore how your relationships have been affected since the loss of your baby:

Your Partner – Are they supportive or dismissive? Do they not know how to handle the situation?

Your Friends – Do they know what to say or do they pretend it hasn’t happened? Are their attempts to be helpful not working for you?

Your Family – How is it affecting your relationship with children you may already have? Do you feel more anxious and over-protective or even a little resentful?

Your Parents/in-laws – Are they being supportive or rubbing you up the wrong way?

A new relationship – If you’re recently single or your relationship has broken down – how is this affecting you and your life?

Your lost baby – What is your relationship with your loss – are you able to think and talk about it or are you carrying on as if nothing happened?

I will help you to heal your mind, body and soul and empower you with the tools to help yourself long after this course is over.

In the aftermath of your tragedy you may be keen to make a change or do something meaningful. It could be volunteering or starting your own business, or even sky diving, travelling or just making a small change that will make you feel better. Research has found that those who react to adversity by doing something meaningful are way more likely to overcome it. By exploring and visualizing what you want, you can then take action.

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Serenity Day

For those who prefer the privacy of a private consultation I also offer a One To One Serenity Day. I use healing treatments and techniques to tackle issues and emotions that you’re struggling with and give you clarity and a sense of calm. During this private four-hour session I will work with you on the specific issues you are struggling with, helping you clear the debilitating thoughts and feelings surrounding the loss of your baby. You’ll leave with clarity, a sense of calm and a clear vision of what you want to do next.

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If you need a longer period of treatment there is also the option to book a series of three One-To-Ones to enable you to explore your feelings in more depth. This gives you more time to release those stuck emotions so you can move on with your life. You will see me on a weekly basis over three weeks for a 90-minute session. We will work on a specific issue that you want to address via a combination of wellbeing coaching and energy work depending on your specific needs.

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Friends and Family!

If a loved one is struggling with the trauma of miscarriage, you could treat them to some Life After Miscarriage One-To-Ones. Apart from giving genuinely practical help they are a lovely way of saying ‘I don’t always understand but I really care’.

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