95% Struggled Alone

95% Struggled Alone ... Did you struggle alone after a miscarriage or babyloss?   Recently I conducted a survey and of the 150 women who participated only 5% had sought out professional help after babyloss or having a miscarriage - which means 95% had no therapy, counselling or professional help. This tells me several [...]

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Mother’s Day – Thinking of What it Could Have Been

Mother’s Day: an opportunity to celebrate the brilliance of our mothers (and mother figures) and strengthen the special bond with our children. But for women around in the UK who have experienced miscarriage, navigating the occasion can be fraught with emotion as we remember the trauma of pregnancy loss. Though miscarriage is often obscured [...]

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Carly's Miscarriage Story Carly, please tell me about your miscarriage I have had 5 miscarriages. I had my first fresh cycle round of IVF in 2011 when I was 35. It was successful and I saw a heartbeat on the screen at 6w and 7w and then at 8w there was no heartbeat. I [...]

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Melanie's  Miscarriage Story Melanie, please tell us about your miscarriage In November 2015 we lost our very much longed for baby, who we named Grace Rose to a missed miscarriage. My pregnancy took us by surprise and being in our 40’s our new arrival was going to change our lives dramatically. From the moment [...]

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Sarah's Miscarriage Story  I was 36 so in 2006.  We had moved to America in the May and I was really keen to get pregnant as soon as possible. We had one child already who was 6 and had been trying for about 3 years to have another without any luck. All that time [...]

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Julia’s Miscarriage Story

It was 7 years ago, I was 42, I was very happy to be pregnant and there was a big gap after my son and daughter but I knew it would work.  I felt good, I was at a healthy point in my life. When I first went to the Dr and told her I [...]

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25% of women in the UK suffer miscarriage and pregnancy loss, yet it is often swept under the carpet and not spoken about. For years miscarriage has been a "taboo” subject. You can’t talk about losing your baby because no one wants to listen. Yet those of us who have been through this devastating experience [...]

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